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Though our first priority is residential redevelopment, we do occasionally lock up deals that don’t fit our current operational needs or strategic goals. We sell these deals the same way we like to buy deals from the reputable wholesalers we work with. Every wholesale deal we offer is a complete package, designed to allow a buyer to complete their analysis without leaving their desk.


  • Pictures and video- Understand the condition and layout with out leaving your desk.
  • Accurate maps- Understand the neighborhood.
  • Comparable properties- We try provide a minimum of 2 pending, 3 active and 4 sold comps with every profile.
  • Repair estimates- When possible we will even provide contractor quotes.
  • Profit Estimates- We use a proven deal calculator that takes into account sellers costs, your money costs and more.

Contact us to begin receiving information on properties in the Chicagoland area that are available at 60-70% below market value.