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Our Principles

what guides us

Our Purpose: To encourage and nourish community for our customers and for ourselves.

Our goal is to help people connect to one another and to empower the sense of common connection that the everyday parts of our lives can hold. We do this by improving neighborhoods and helping people in difficult situations to find solutions.

Our Core Principles:

Integrity: This means we keep our promises and say what we mean.

Honesty: Speaking and acting plainly and truthfully is of vital importance and never more so than when its difficult.

Wholism: We believe that everything affects everything else. We cannot compartmentalize our behavior or our character, our actions or our relationships.

Excellence: This means more than doing what is expected, agreed upon or normal. It means constantly accepting the challenge to see how much more we can do, how much further we can go and how much more we can get out of life.

Failure: Honest failure is the most powerful habit of a high achieving person.

Service: The evolution of the individual and the organization is to move from serving self to serving others. The more fully and completely we can serve others, the more success, joy and profit will follow.

Our Strategies:

Reboot believes in the promise of the new millenium: provide real value and success will follow.

At our core we have faith that helping people is not only good for the soul, its good for business. The more people we can serve and assist, the more successful we will be.