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Are you Realtors® who just want to list my house?

Absolutely not! We are real estate investors. We buy houses from people like you throughout Chicagoland. While we have Realtors® on our team, we do that to better serve our clients. We don’t want to list your house, we want to buy your house and may be able to do so immediately!

What kind of houses do you buy?

We buy any house, duplexes and multi-unit buildings in any condition anywhere in Chicagoland.

What do you mean by “any condition”? What if my house needs extensive repairs?

We mean exactly that; we’ve purchased houses with fire damage, mold, water damage, neglect, roof leaks, pet odor and more. Stop worrying about repairs or trying to do it youself! We can pay you cash in as little as 10 days.

What if my house has violations or is condemned?

Not a problem! Even if the property has demolition orders scheduled we are interested in seeing it.

Do you work with higher priced properties?

Yes, we can work with any seller regardless of price. We’ve purchased properties for less than $10K and for upwards of $1 million.

What if I am in foreclosure or behind on my payments? Can you help?

Yes! Many people think that if they are behind on their payments or in foreclosure, they can no longer cash out their equity. Not so! We’ve built missed payments into a selling price and even negotiated with banks and collection services on our seller’s behalf.

What do you charge for your services?

Our payment comes from the value we add the property after we purchase it from you. Since we pay you directly- without using a realtor- you don’t lose the thousands of dollars a commission can take out of your sale price.

How do you make money?

Our business is improving houses and neighborhoods by developing and fixing the property.We add value to the properties we acquire and then sell them to a new family who is looking for a home. In some certain instances, instead of fixing a home and selling it, we may pass the property on to another investor and take a fee for doing so.

If I submit my information, when will I hear from you?

We will process your information and get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Is it better to call or contact you via your website?

That is really up to you. Choose whichever is more comfortable or convenient for you.